About The Retreat

A creative coliving retreat at The Hatchery Place is a chance to spend focused time in an inspiring & quiet homeaway from home setting in order to develop meaningful creative projects. You will be sleeping in Elaine’s private art studio, as both a residence and a creative workspace, for stays of one week to four weeks.

Your coliving retreat here will be entirely self-directed, and self-catered, with the help of curated activities by your hosts Elaine & Kevin, allowing the flexibility to work autonomously and follow your own creative process. Coliving together with other travelers & locals creativepreneurs who cowork & colive here, you get to gift yourself this rare opportunity to gather ideas, refine skills, research, experiment, grow and produce new work, at the same time design a new lifestyle that you want. At The Hatchery Place, you can dream, incubate, hatch and break free your creative ideas with the support of the community and space.

Coliving Facilities:
• Coworking Shared Spaces (Hotdesk)
• Wi-fi Access (100Mbps unlimited)
• The pantry for coffee/tea making facilities (snacks are also available for sale)
• Shared bathroom with water heater shower for the cold days (your room comes with own private bathroom with no hot water, but cold showers)
• The basic kitchen with basic cooking utensils, storage and a fridge
• Washing machine & detergents for your laundry needs
• Chillout & Reading corner upstairs (Use of Games e.g. Poker cards, Uno Cards, Congkak, Jengga, books & magazines!)
• For the essentials, we provide towels, pillows, bed sheets, blankets, toilet papers, shampoos, hair dryer, first aid kid
• A weekly cleaning lady who comes to clean the house (including your room, but it’s optional for you)
• Occasional meetups/workshops and socializing events
• A cuddly & super friendly, attention-seeking cat as a companion!

For more information about how it is like to be coliving with us, go here.

Creative Materials:
• Art supplies: there are an assortment of supplies on hand including colour pencils, watercolour, some brushes, sketchpads and paper. Specialist art supplies can be purchased from shops around, and Elaine can guide you how to go there.
• Tools materials: there are some materials, basic hand tools, power tools and odds and ends for woodworking projects at the craft room downstairs.
• Musical instruments: We have a ukulele & singing bowl here. You are also welcome to come and jam with Kevin & Elaine at our home where we have a digital vdrums, Chinese Zither, cajon, & violin. We are looking to add more intruments to play!

This design-your-own creative retreat is most suitable for anyone looking to stay in a creative coliving environment and wants to get inspired by learning new creative skills with the hosts, or/and you are a creative soul at heart, an aspiring artist searching for a place to hatch your creations.

Your Coliving Information


You prepare your own meals throughout the stay. Malaysian eateries & restaurants are very convenient, cheap and nearby (walking distance). Groceries stores are plenty around. Delivery services are abundant too.

Getting Around
We are 40 minute drive from KLIA 1 & 2 airport. 25km from city center. LRT train stations are 19 minutes walk from The Hatchery Place. Grab e-hailing app is commonly used by everyone here.

Active Contribution
We ask all coliving guests to help around the house to the upkeep and improvement of the shared facilities whenever possible. Duties may include basic household tasks, cleaning, gardening or caring the cat. If you have specialist skills, we can put them to good use.

Ginger the Cat
Ginger, our resident cat, is a very special member of the The Hatchery Place family. She loves people and attention, but can occasionally be a little demanding.

Elaine’s Art Studio will be your bedroom!

Elaine’s private art studio room is located upstairs at The Hatchery Place. This will be your bedroom & where your painting activities with Elaine will be carried out here.

It is very cozy and full of light! Great space to create whole year through in warm Malaysia. It comes with an attached bathroom, a ceiling fan, a sofa bed (with bedding for sleeping), 2 desks, an easel, and all the facilities of a coliving space in the same creative house.

Not included in for usage (but placed in the studio for storage & Elaine’s own use) are – her personal painting tools & supplies, canvases, Elaine’s artworks & art merchandise.

The person staying in this room should agree to the house & studio rules, and to take care of the flooring, furniture, artworks, and things in the studio as if they are her own.

Your basic room rate per night is RM70 (USD17), NOT including all the activities which you will sign up during your stay. (Minimum stay is 1 week.)

Design Your Own Stay!

Design your own experience together with your creative hosts Elaine and Kevin. You get to choose any of our one-to-one activities you would like to experience with us during your stay, so that we could plan ahead and free up our schedules for you. (Availability of each activity is still subjected to facilitator’s own schedule, as well as depending to the length of your stay.)

Learn How to Paint on Bag with Elaine

Learn how to daringly paint on your precious leather bag (or faux leather bag) with your very own art! In this 4 hr workshop, Elaine will explain the simplified process starting from designing, sketching, painting, varnishing and caring.

Bring your own bag, or add a little extra fee for a nice new faux leather sling bag to paint on. All materials provided. You can customize your bag with your creativity and your imagination. You take away your own unique personalized bag, designed and painted with your art.

Intuitive Acrylic Painting with Elaine

The process of of listening to inner wisdom to guide our work and creative practice is a healing tool. When we paint from the inspired heart space, we will discover more about our purpose, explore what we really want for our future and stay present with our expression.

Intuitive painting can also help us express our true selves to the world, strengthen our beliefs in ourselves and our potential. Elaine will share her process + experience, techniques and her styles with acrylic paints, inspirations & pitfalls as you explore the quest of making art together.

Daily Meditation + Mandala Drawing with Elaine

Drawing Mandalas is a fun and meditative process of discovering personal symbolism through of color and shapes. The simple act of coloring a picture can be quite beneficial in relieving stress and anxiety. Create a space daily for 3 days with Elaine, in a one-hour journey each day and immerse yourself in the magical and mystical mandala creation.

Each session begins with a brief meditation and mindfulness, followed by drawing the mandala together, in which we discuss & explore shapes, line and colors. A regular meditation practice will also helps you find harmony and wholeness & reduce stress. On the 3rd day, you will be picking a card from Elaine’s Art Card spread for an intuitive message from the spread to help in your creative journey.

Woodworking Workshop with Kevin

You will be introduced to various hand tools and basic power-tools, depends on the project. Suitable for absolute beginners to more experienced woodworkers who want to improve their craftsmanship.

Have fun going off site to an actual woodworking workshop where Kevin usually teaches, and making your own wood build.

At the end of the day, you get to take home your own build, as well as a new set of skills!

Workshop will cover
  • introduction of material and tools
  • how to use power tools correctly and safely
  • measuring and marking
  • sawing and cutting
  • wood joining & assembly
  • sanding/oiling/varnishing

Design + Woodworking workshop with Kevin

Learn how to design & plan your own wood build using computer software before attempting the hands on. (Laptop required)

You will then be spending time at the actual woodworking workshop (off site) to create the build you designed, guided by Kevin at every step of the way. You will be introduced to various hand tools and basic power-tools, depends on the project, and get to take home your own build, as well as a new set of skills!

Workshop will cover
  • planning & designing using computer software
  • introduction of material and tools
  • how to use power tools correctly and safely
  • measuring and marking
  • sawing and cutting
  • wood joining & assembly
  • sanding/oiling/varnishing

Build your own basic portfolio website with Elaine

Sometimes you just need a little nudge to start your own website! In 4 hours, Elaine can help guide you step-by-step along the way, to set up a basic online portfolio with no coding to learn, using one of the most popular online web builder available on the internet. Feel free to bounce around any questions you have throughout your stay as you go along building your portfolio.

This workshop is suitable for anyone who wish to create an online portfolio and have limited or no exposure to Squarespace /Wix /Weebly as a platform. You will need a free/trial account, which we will setup together during the workshop. Actual monthly/annual subscription to the service is not included in this workshop.

Setup your own Shopify online store with Elaine

Always wanted to be able to create an online store for your art pieces? You will be introduced to Shopify platform by Elaine, and she will take you through the process of creating your first online store, including pages and products, store organization, collections and navigation. We will be covering the basics of theme setup and an overview of the setting that need to be in place to launch a store.

This workshop is suitable for anyone who wish to open an eCommerce store and have limited or no exposure to Shopify as a platform. You will need a free 14-day Shopify account, which we will setup together during the workshop. Actual monthly/annual subscription to the service is not included in this workshop.

Learn how to organize your art inventory online with Elaine

Finding it hard to organize your art inventory? Maybe it is finally the right time to really to sit down and forget about all the items in your to-do-list, now that you have a chance to be away from work, and get down to organizing all your creations that has been in your collections all these years. If you have never use an online inventory system to record all your artwork, you should! Elaine can be your guide to help you organize and structure all of those art photos you have stored in your phone, and lay it all down into an organized software, which she herself has been using for more than 7 years!

You need to take that first step, and it will be easy afterwards. Plus, you’ll get lots of tips from Elaine for other useful online productivity tools she might have up her sleeves in running her art business. Actual monthly/annual subscription to the service is not included in this workshop.

Explore More

We have a circle of community friends that do various creative work, craftworks, bodywork and energy work practices which we vouch for ourselves. Activities available include (and not limited to) yoga, pilates, body work, card reading, sound healing, Qigong, meditations, ukulele/guitar lessons, drum circles, women’s circle + dancing, Transformation Game, and various crafts like crocheting, tie-dye, batik painting, soap making, kombucha brewing, coffee cupping, etc.

You may let us know your area of interest for your stay, and we will coordinate our availabilities and arrangements if the time permits. Please plan for a longer stay if you intend to experience more activities 🙂 If you’re looking for something, we might just have a friend that does what you wish to learn.