Clouds are hanging deep over the horizon, covering the land in different shades of grey.
Big and heavy drops are crashing against the windows, hypnotizing with the steady noise! It makes you feel cozy. The room is filled with the smell of fresh coffee and yellow tea, empty mugs are all over the table, the air is pregnant by ideas, so thick, you could almost touch them.



Just pick one of the idea apples from the tree and start the REALIZATION! IT IS SO EASY! My roommate is getting started with his music production. Moving his fingers like crazy on his machines (he reminds me not to call them machines but groove box and synth, but I keep forgetting it…) he looks quite similar to a Beethoven or a Mozart playing a difficult score! His fingers find so natural their way over the keyboard that he doesn’t need to think about it any more, the FLOW caught him!

Some people may find it boring to stay in the house on a rainy day, sinked in depression and seeking for distraction…OPEN YOUR MIND and enjoy the joy of rainy days!
The wide open space of the Hatchery house as well as the brightness of this place are calling for Creativeness and Productivity! Our fingers are itchy, the minds are full of ideas, let’s get started!

– This blog post is written by Tina Schatz, a fellow Hatcherian here.

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