The air is hot, heads are smoking! Everyone is sitting together heavily brainstorming and collecting the best ideas and improvements for our new cozy home! It’s not easy to decide where to start. There are just too many brilliant ideas and too less hands, but slowly we are getting there!

THE HATCHERY PLACE, that’s the name of our new home! What we call right now our proper four walls, will soon open its doors for people from ALL AROUND THE WORLD.


Tired of ROUTINE and looking for a GETAWAY?! So what are you waiting for, check out our HATCHERY and make a CHANGE!

This amazing place is located in a calm area close to the heart of Kuala Lumpur. You will see it’s the perfect spot to calm down, find to yourself and get CREATIVE! Not only the wide open area will inspire you, but also the friendliness of the people, the variety of things you can do around here and of course the charm of Malaysia!


This co-living place is the best opportunity to meet like-minded people, share experiences and knowledge and exchange creative ideas! Make long-lasting friendships, get new inputs, be inspired and create unforgettable memories! The HATCHERY PLACE is born….